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Welcome to World of SilverMeow ...

Recently we have received many queries about ... Who is SilverMeow ? Who is the webmaster ? Do all the paintings and screenmates programs are developed by this site. We want to answer those questions at here ...


What is SilverMeow ? - a website that is used to remember the cat of webmasters - FaFa (from 1982 to 2004). FaFa is a female cat and she lived for over 22 years. Sometimes we called her "Silver" or "Favour". So, this web site is named SilverMeow which is a translation from Chinese.


Who is the web master ?

Want to know who are the webmasters ? We come from Hong Kong.


Do all the paintings and screenmates are developed by SilverMeow ?

Yes, all the cartoons, caricatures, paintings and pet screenmates are all developed by webmasters and are belonged to this site. Other sites are welcome to link our site but don't copy out contents or files to other sites. It is illegal to use our pictures and programs for commercial use without our authorization.


FaFa Cat Personal Information

Fa Fa was a female cat. She was born at April 1982 and she has gone at June 2003. She had brown fur with black lines and she was a very beautiful cat.


About Screenmates

All the pet screenmate programs for downloading are developed from our site, please visit SilverMeow Download Area to download screenmates.

Recently, there are many requests from visiters saying that they also want to create their own screenmates. We know that most of the visiters may not have programming experience or knowledge, so we try to create another screenmate program that is able to allow visiters to design their own screenmates. This program is called "MyPet" and now is available for download. You only need to prepare the pictures of the screenmate character and design their animation actions and then you will also have your own screenmate program. Don't hesitate, download the little program "mypet" now.

Please come to create your own screenmate !!

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