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2008-09-16 02:25:07
請問一下 , 小花喵這個遊戲肆幹神抹滴 !?

一定下回唷 !!
聚散两依依2008-09-10 02:05:46
:D站长 偶最近很喜欢呆在你这里 看了你的教学 尝试做了 不过都是简单动作至少算是成功吧?(小小声自我安慰=.=")我把他们都邮寄给你了请你过目 呵呵呵~不过他们是"游戏的id"说是宠物好像有点过分
wendy2008-08-27 01:42:11
誰ㄎ交交怎用自製~~ = . =

拜拜托托= = = =~~~
Raimu2008-08-23 02:11:35
=D These screenmates are so wonderful! I adore them. One suggestion? There should be a way to have them interact with each other! That would be amazing, I'd love it!
Mandy2008-08-18 11:22:39
I love this site!
Henry Frankson2008-08-03 11:17:57
This is a very nicely designed website, amazing job.

Very Good content and fine layouts, too.

If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up,

thanks again,

Henry, Filmbay Editor
貓貓很可愛2008-07-19 05:49:40
露雅2008-07-18 01:03:11

露雅2008-07-18 00:59:02
2008-06-21 21:32:05
我不會用自製桌面寵物 可以幫我做狗或貓的嗎?

I love you2008-06-17 21:55:49
- 感謝你喜歡這些小寵物,若每次開機後要自動執行,你要自己在視窗中的 Startup 目錄中放入寵物程式的執行捷徑I LOVE YOU
彭紫媚2008-06-17 21:52:10
I love you....= . =.....=.=......- . -..............-.-
Azam2008-05-06 06:44:27
Nice .. ^_^ meeoooww.... salam buat anak anak indonesia yang mampir
amanda2008-04-26 23:40:13
gilaaaaaaaa keren abizz aku suka kucing2 nya thx ya .. but is there more things to down load//
kathy2008-04-22 10:02:10
very cool!
nadia2008-04-16 01:18:40
so cool here
i hope i will be back again
2008-04-13 06:27:57
甚造呀?:o 我想造一隻貓貓呀!!!
M2008-03-29 19:22:12
I love cats and they are so cute!
Lain2008-03-12 12:54:48
^^ There so cute !
Why don't you do it like tamaguchi?
Or ecchi =] Hentai is good to XDD
burcu2008-03-01 09:07:42
can i feed or can i look after that cats or only they are screenmates?i want to feed them how can i do?
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